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Air Cargo Insurance

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Approximately 40 per cent of value of international trade comes from goods carried by air, and the consequences of goods being damaged, destroyed or delayed can be serious, substantial, and perhaps unforeseen. This exciting new book is the only one on the market that deals exclusively with air cargo insurance, and will therefore, be a vital addition to the collection of any practitioner, professional or academic working in the field. Air Cargo Insurance analyses the model policies and standard terms and conditions on the London, US and European markets. The authors also provide readers with an invaluable perspective on cases in other jurisdictions, and, uniquely, the book discusses freight forwarders' relations with airlines and addresses the possibility of recovery from third parties. This book, written by two of the leading experts in the field, provides invaluable guidance to practitioners, arbitrators and cargo-claims professionals. It will help to ensure that air cargo insurance contracts are sufficient and enforceable from the outset, as well as assisting in cases of disputed claims. Academics and postgraduate students specialising in the areas of in air and insurance law will also find this book extremely useful.

Effects Of Insurance On Maritime Liability Law

RRP $32.99

The book examines how the absence of insurance in the past led to some special maritime liability law principles such as 'general average' (i.e., losses or expenses shared by all the parties to a maritime adventure) and the limitation of shipowners' liability. In the absence of insurance, these principles served the function of insurance mostly for shipowners. As commercial marine insurance is now widely available, these principles have lost their justification and may in fact interfere with the most important goal of liability law i.e., deterrence from negligence. The work thus recommends their abolition. It further argues that when insurance is easily available and affordable to the both parties to a liability claim, the main goal of liability law should be deterrence as opposed to compensation. This is exactly the case with the maritime cargo liability claims where both cargo owners and shipowners are invariably insured. As a result, the sole focus of cargo liability law should be and to a great extent, is deterrence. On the other hand in the vessel-source oil pollution liability setting, pollution victims are not usually insured. Therefore oil pollution liability law has to cater both for compensation and deterrence, the two traditional goals of liability law. The final question the work addresses is whether the deterrent effect of liability law is affected by the availability of liability insurance. Contrary to the popular belief the work attempts to prove that the presence of liability insurance is not necessarily a hindrance but can be a complementary force towards the realization of deterrent goal of liability law.

Essentials Of Insurance

RRP $262.99

A condensed version of the classic Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance, this accessible text contains the latest forms, statutes and court decisions and examines specific contracts in detail to emphasize insurance principles. Addresses such timely issues as the high cost of medical care and automobile insurance. detail to emphasize insurance principles. The helpful study aids and the critical essentials of risk management and insurance remain intact. A special section on buying insurance prepares the reader for future purchases.

Acid-base, Fluids, Lytes Pocketcard Set

RRP $14.99

This quick reference guide contains essential and systematially arranged information to determine the acid-base status of a patient in a stepwise manner. It also contains a section on normal fluid and electrolyte distribution and its management in case of depletion. Highlights: - Acid-base normal values and abnormalities chart - Determination of acid-base status in a step by step approach - Formula for anion gap, estimation of fluid requirement in burn (Parkland formula), algorithm explaining diagnostic workup in metabolic alkalosis, hypernatremia, and hyponatremia - Diagnostic algorithms of acidosis, alkalosis, electrolyte abnormalities - Assessment and common causes of acid-base disorders - Diagrammatic representation of body water and electrolyte distribution, and information on electrolyte repletion - Information on fluid and electrolyte management the 4-2-1 rule, electrolyte formulations, and typical fluid intake and output values For physicians, physician assistants, nurses, students, and all other healthcare professionals.

Insurance Rate Litigation

RRP $656.99

The idea for this book came from my decision to update an article by Roy C. McCullough entitled "Insurance Rates in the Courts" published in the June and July 1961 issues of the Insurance Law Journal. When this project began, the intention was to produce a similar journal article surveying insurance rate litiga­ tion between 1960 and the present using basically the same organization followed in the seminal article. However, the volume of reported cases during the last twenty years was much larger than anticipated and the issues being litigated had expanded dramatically. The project grew as my study progressed, and the resulting book surveys more than three hundred disputes involving insurance ratemaking and insurance rate regulation. The fruition of this project would not have been possible without the consistent encouragement and criticism of Roy McCullough, and it is with gratitude that I acknowledge his continuous and valuable assistance to me in this effort. Once an initial draft was prepared, a number of my associates cooperated by reading and commenting on the manuscript. I would like to give special thanks to Michael J. Miller and James F. Perry who unselfishly shared their time and knowledge to improve this work. Needless to say, none of those who read the manuscript is responsible for any errors in concept or detail that may remain.


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